What better way to tell the world, “I like building things and I also drink A LOT of wine” than constructing your very own Cabernet Couch (pictured at left). The Carlo Rossi website has released pictures and project plans for furniture using old wine jugs. If you have 41 empty jugs (33 of the big ones, eight of the smaller ones) lying around the house and need a couch, this might be the solution to all your problems. They also have designs for building a Burgundy Bookcase (28 jugs), Rhine Reading Lamp (1.5 jugs), Chardonnay Chandelier (33 jugs), and more. The site includes videos of the construction, project plans, and the giant disclaimer, “DO NOT DRINK while building any of these objects.” The message is—don’t operate tools while drunk but do be creative and reuse discarded materials.

Carlo Rossi