Concerned by the imminent global shortage of fresh water? Forget stocking up on the bottled stuff—play Mother Nature with the Island Sky Water Machine. Made for the office and the home, this plug-in water dispenser actually turns atmospheric water vapor into potable water. The machine essentially recreates the dew point and condenses water from air, passing it through filters to purify, ultraviolet light to sterilize, and a carbon filter for better taste. The result is a continuous supply of pure water. The hotter the temperature and more humid the air, the greater the output in gallons per day. The company is also aiming products toward disaster-stricken areas, where drinking water might be unavailable for long stretches of time. The machine requires no plumbing, and energy usage puts the water costs at around $.10 per gallon. I think it’s safe to say we’ll be bumping into many of these units in the near future. I’m already seeing the silver lining in that cloud of humidity hanging over most during these dog days of summer! The home model will sell for around $1400 when it becomes available in mid 2007.

Island Sky