If the car sitting in your garage or on the street has one of those old-fashioned combustion engines, you may be holding on a little too tightly to your past. I love cars, ask anybody. They are shiny, move fast and allow me to get from point A to point B without having to wait for a bus or train or cab. When my car is in the shop for maintenance I feel imprisoned not being able to go where I want, when I want on a whim. Sure, I can get on a bike, but I live in Central Florida and 93 with a heat index of “fire” is not my idea of freedom.

I recently received a postcard from a company called Zenn Motor Company. And while I have not driven one (hint: send one to my house and I will be happy to drive it for a week, month or year), they look pretty cool and are completely gas station free. While they are only legal to drive on low-speed roads, 90 percent of my driving is low-speed, around town. Sure, I like to hop on the highway, but I could just go a mile out of my way to avoid the highway and not have to spend my time at the gas station.

Now while I can’t yet depart with my “big” car as they don’t yet have a car suitable for my whole family and the 10 percent of driving where I need to go more than 25 miles in each direction, I am seriously considering this for our second car. Plus, it would fit into one of these garage storage cabinets.

Credit: Zenn