The “American Dream” of home ownership has been restrained this year due to the economy and credit contraction. But builders, in order to stay in business, have to entice those buyers who are in the market to buy their homes. This has forced many of the builders to do things to stand out of the crowd. Some have gone cheap, using lesser materials and building to the bare minimum of construction codes. Others have gone green by building homes that may cost more upfront but will be stable, long-term energy investments. Let’s face it: Homes don’t operate for free (well some do, but that is not what this blog is about), but reducing the operating cost will mean you can spend your money on other things, maybe lending it to the government via treasuries or giving it to those less fortunate than “Joe the Plumber.” The modular industry has come a long way from the steel-manufactured boxes of the 70s. And now it is building homes that are greener in the construction process and greener throughout the life of the home. Some are even being made to the coveted LEED standard. Find more information in “Modular Homes Go Greener.

What do you think of modular builders getting greener?

Credit: Going Green with Bob Vila

Green Modular Building