Happy New Year from everyone here at Renovate Your World!

Having trouble deciding on a New Year’s Resolution? Here are some suggestions:

1) Get fit! Yes, 90% of the country’s population has this same resolution. But you can take it one step farther. Design and create your own home gym. You’ll save on membership costs, and you will have no excuse not to go every day.

2) Learn woodworking! By making your own shelves, chairs and what-have-yous, you’ll be saving money (again) and learning a cool new hobby. Check out these handy How To Videos to get started learning key cutting techniques.

3) Get organized! Clutter is so 2009. Purchase and install a few closet organizers. They make a world of difference.

4) Help others! Pick a charity from our Charity Blog Series and see how you can be a little more selfless in 2010.

5) Spend more time with family! That’s easier to do when the hub of the home–the kitchen–is a place you are proud of. A whole kitchen remodel may not be in the budget for 2010, but you certainly can swap out the old faucets, install some new appliances or change up the cabinets without breaking the bank. Check out these beautiful kitchens for inspiration!

What is your New Year’s Resolution?