Okay, so foundations aren’t the sexiest part of the house. We can all agree on that. And roofs probably sit atop everyone’s list of “The Features of a House That Keep It Dry.” But ask anyone who has suffered a crack in their foundation or sees regular moisture infiltration through that part of the house how important this half-buried, monolithic platform is to the integrity of the home and you’ll probably get a pretty consistent answer. I know my parents agree. They once spent over 36 hours straight wet-vacuuming water up from their basement floor during a long spell of hard rain.

So Fab-form’s relatively new “monopour” foundation system may not be the stuff of inspiration galleries, but it certainly deserves mention.

A part of Fab-Form’s “Fastfoot” system, the monopour is system for using a single concrete pour for an insulated concrete form (ICF) footing and wall form application. The video that demonstrates installation does better justice than any written explanation, but the short of it is that the Fastfoot Monopour system eliminates the labor costs to pound and strip stakes and screed footing, it reduces concrete waste by 50% and concrete pump costs by 50% (since the builder only requires one pour and not two) and the system doesn’t require forming lumber or stakes. Best of all, the system joins the footing and wall into one piece, which helps to eliminate ground moisture from entering any side of the footing concrete.

Basically, the system saves serious costs to the builder and provides the eventual homeowner with a better barrier against moisture infiltration. Everyone wins. It’s also a step in the green direction, since it reduces lumber use and cuts concrete waste in half.

If you’re building a home anytime soon, it’s worth looking into the Fastfoot Monopour system. And if you are a builder, this is definitely worth your consideration.

Would you want Fastfoot MP for your house?