Got a few minutes to kill?

Then take a look at this fun little tool from Owens Corning called the Roofing Color Compass.

By answering 9 simple questions, the Roofing Color Compass can tell you what kind of roof will best fit your personality.

Yeah, it’s not exactly the Myers-Briggs, but we are talking roofs here. It’s a big purchase. Probably a good idea to pick the right one, right?

According to the quiz, my “perfect” colors are brown and green. (Note: we’re not talking “favorite” colors here–just “perfect”). I quote: “Brown is the shade that is most connected to substance, stability and a real sense of worth.” And: “Nature’s most plentiful color promises a balance between warmth and coolness, so green people are usually stable, balanced types.” Hey, who are you calling green?

Naturally the Color Compass then goes on to recommend a number of Owens Corning roofing materials to match my personality. “Storm Cloud,” anyone?

Take the quiz. It’s good, wholesome fun.

Owens Corning Roofing Color Compass