As National Hurricane Preparedness Week draws to a close, we leave you readers with some final thoughts on preparing for disaster.

Is your household ready for a disaster? Ask yourself that question. There are many great resources available to homeowners and renters who are looking to better prepare themselves for a natural disaster, like a hurricane, flood or the like. If your home is still lacking on the disaster preparation front, take a look at this helpful article that explains garage vulnerability during a hurrican.

Wednesday night I was driving home from a soccer game when a tremendous thunderstorm swept through the area. For about 10 straight minutes I drove through what felt like hurricane conditions. Visibility was about 10 feet, whole trees were falling across the road and power was swiftly knocked out, creating snarls of traffic at all the powerless traffic lights. (Here’s a recent article about the severity of the storm in the southern part of the state.) When I did finally get home, it was to darkness, which lasted until about 2 AM. There were a few candles on hand and a bunch of working flashlights, but the ordeal made realize how woefully unprepared I am for a real emergency. I may have to take some time over the long weekend to prepare my own disaster plan.

With a number of Climate Prediction Centers–including the NOAA–predicting 2010 to be one of the more active hurricane seasons in recent history, perhaps everyone in hurricane-threatened areas ought to take some time this weekend and see to their home’s disaster preparation plan.

Don’t forget to visit for the most thorough of hurricane preparedness resources!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!