Before we move on from the topic of pool safety, I want to draw attention to this pretty cool pool safety device.

Pool alarms are nothing exceptionally new–they’ve been around for some time, now. But a solar powered version like the one shown is a market first. Called the PoolSonix, this pool safety alarm installs on the edge of the pool and detects the “signature wave” associated with accidental drowning. If that wandering toddler trips and falls into the pool, the PoolSonix sounds the alarm, prompting mom or dad quickly into action.

The unit has a touchpad, siren strobe and keyfob that all connect to the alarm unit wirelessly. The PoolSonix can also be integrated into other S.R. Smith pool safety devices. Oh, and did I mention it’s solar powered?

The PoolSonix retails for $499.

What pool safety devices and products have you installed around your pool?

S.R. Smith