Anyone out there have an Ikea Kitchen? I am about to start a kitchen renovation that requires knocking down one entire wall and opening up two others. I need all new appliances, floors, countertops and cabinetry. And I have a month to get it done.

(Please tell me you think it’s doable.)

I personally love the look of Ikea kitchens. Plus, the cabinetry is available right away AND they’re incredibly affordable. But it’s the quality I’m concerned about. Anyone have the cabinets for more than 5 years? How do they look?

My contractor thinks Ikea kitchens could reduce my resale value in terms of prestige. But I hear Consumer Reports rated them within Top 5 kitchen cabinets on the market.

So please share your experience with this brand. Tell me what product line you have, what color (I specifically need feedback on the white ones), and how well they are holding up.