Homeowners with remote controlled garage doors have all been there. You’re driving away from the home, down the driveway when, a half a mile away, you wonder, “Did I close the garage door?”

With Overhead Door’s new Door Report technology, the wondering is over. The Door Report is essentially an advanced garage door remote that uses wireless technology to communicate with the actual garage doors. If and when the doors are closed the Door Report remote will beep and flash a green light.

So no more turning around to double-check. No more driving on and wondering for the rest of the night if squirrels, raccoons or ne’er-do-wells have taken advantage of your negligence.

So far the Door Report only works with Overhead Door’s new Odyssey and Destiny garage door openers. An Overhead Door Network Adapter is also required to get the system up and running.

Such a simple solution to one of those persistent homeowner issues. Well done, OD!

Overhead Door