Indoor air quality should be the concern of every homeowner. Carpets, furniture, paints — all can emit toxic gasses into the home environment, causing a host of respiratory issues and other health concerns.

Many consumers will be familiar with certification programs like Greenguard, which performs testing on products and affixes its label to those who meet or exceed standards for indoor air quality.

Europe, too, has standards for emissions in products. Created by the European Union in Brussels, the “E-1” standard is claimed by some to be the most stringent rating system for furniture in the world.

Or so says furniture manufacturer Haiku Designs, whose recently released eco-friendly bedroom furniture line meets the E-1 standard.

According to the company, their line of furniture is one of the only available in the United States with the E-1 rating.

Impressive, although one might argue with the statement made by a Haiku Designs representative that suggested “there are currently no standards for toxic gas emissions from furniture in the U.S.”

There are standards, they are just not yet government imposed.

Haiku Press Release