The eggs are hatching and the insects take wing. Their target: your blood.

With the warmer months come droves of blood-sucking mosquitos, relentless and fast-breeding. The pest prevention industry has always introduced new weapons in the war against this especially nasty enemy and this season is no exception.

The Terminix ALLCLEAR Mosquito Mister Lantern with Naturals is the latest repellant on the market. Sold as an all-natural solution, Terminix claims the lantern safely repels “95% of biting mosquitos from an area up to 300 square feet.” That’s about the size of an outdoor deck or patio, so if you’re sold on this method you may consider buying more than one to cover an entire yard.

The Lantern uses Geraniol, which is the botanical extract of the lemongrass plant. According to the company it is safe to use around children, pets and food and contains no synthetic chemicals or residues.

The lantern itself costs &79.99 and the refills on the Naturals repellent are $7.99.

Would you use the Terminix ALLCLEAR Lantern?