Are you a Crate and Barrel shopper? Loyal customers will love their new 3D Room Designer, which will be available in all Crate and Barrel home store locations across the US on Wednesday, June 27.

The new 3D Room Designer — developed in partnership with NedSense — was the winner of the Moxie Award for Best Corporate Digital Innovation. It allows customers to convert a digital photo of a room into a 3D room model. Customers can then populate the room model with Crate and Barrel merchandise, swapping products and colors to find the perfect combination.

A consumer web application and iPad version are on the way.

Customers can either email their room photos to the store or bring them in by hand. All that’s needed beyond that is a height measurement for the room and the width of an object on the wall in the photo. From there the 3D Room Designer will do the rest.

Sounds like a cool and fun tool for customers. Even if you don’t walk away with C and B products for the room in question, you can at least get some inspiration and ideas from seeing the space virtually furnished and decorated.

Credit: Crate and Barrel