Keyless entry may not be futuristic, but the next generation of systems is taking convenience to another level.

Meet August, a newcomer on the scene. Designed by the same genius who brought us the Bluetooth-connected Jawbone systems, August is a wireless, keyless locking system for your door that opens through your cellphone. The locking mechanism itself is battery operated, so if your power or wireless go down, the August is still up and running.

With the August in place and the App running on your smartphone, the system can “sense” your presence and will auto-unlock. You can create temporary or permanent access for friends, family and visitors by simply extending them an invitation using the App — the duration of their access is entirely up to you. So whether you have a contractor coming for the day or an in-law for the weekend, you can grant access over the phone and not have to worry about being there to open the door.

August will also log all events and send push notifications to your phone in real time so you can keep track of the comings and goings of those you’ve given access to.

Maybe best of all, August allows you to use a traditional key to unlock the mechanism, too — just for those who want that added peace of mind.

August will go on sale later this year and will retail for $199.

What are your thoughts on August?