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    Hello. I’m kind of depressed to see so little activity here. Is this a new forum? I seem to remember you having another one. Any way, I think your show is fantastic. You (Tommy) are obviously a top notch woodworker with serious skills and I have learned a lot from the shows. Not all the projects are for me, but how could they be? Even so, I learn something from every single show. Also, I appreciate humor and actually having a personality. I think many woodworking, magazines, forums, TV shows, blogs… could use a good dose of more character.

    Some times I struggle with basic skills and it might be nice to see you address these. For example, glue squeeze out. You really seem to pour it on, but I never see how you actually deal with cleaning it up. In my own shop, it is a constant pain and I find myself using less glue than I should just to avoid the chore of cleaning it up and/or problems when the finish goes on. I even started using hide glue since it has less of an impact on finishing errors, but I am still being too wimpy with it. Seeing how you deal with glue squeeze out, in detail, would be super helpful to me, but probably others. Or how about being out of square. You talk about it, and what to do, but all your assemblies seem to end up square so we never really see exactly how to manage things when they aren’t. I know Eli talked about it with the linen press top, but it wasn’t really clear.

    It is your show and you know way more than I do about how to put one together, but maybe an episode of “tips and tricks” would be nice. However, instead of just offering armchair opinions, the real reason I wanted to post here was to thank you for the show.

    Oh, I actually have real evidence that you are entertaining. My wife enjoys watching your show with me. With other wood working shows, she either wanders off or grabs the iPad and surfs. With your show she says things like, “Wow, that is a lot of work” and “I understand how this is done now” and even “Grain selection is really important” and things like that.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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